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What is the hot product of the Ceramic Expo in 2019? A "poem"
2019-04-20 1556
Today, the 33rd Foshan Spring Ceramics Fair was grandly opened. Dongsheng’s exhibition revealed that today’s quarter

One time is spent looking for a parking space, which shows that the popularity is not bad.

Through the exhibition halls of Foshan Ceramics City, China Ceramics Headquarters Base, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City

And some meticulous visits to the ceramics exhibition hall, Dongsheng summed up the Taobaohui with a poem

Features highlights:

There are many big board in the middle board, and the design innovation is in the trend.

The slate is customized to the wind and the home application is different.

The wood grain is embossed with a variegated color.

The famous co-stars are high-end, and the activities are not stopped.

What do these words mean? Also ask Dong Shengjun to listen to me to break down:

In the middle of the board, there are

Design innovation and trend

The mid-board slabs are booming, which shows the industry's determination to make products bigger. Dongsheng is watching

During the exhibition, it was found that there are very few enterprises that do not push the middle board and the large board. Although the big board of technology and kimono

The business is still immature, but it can be seen that most companies are optimistic about their market. After all, they can pass these

Products strive for high-end market share. At present, the stone pattern is still the mainstream, and the pattern is large.

Show products for the most popular.

Imported bricks have made great contributions to the domestic slab market, and there have been good performances at the Taobo meeting.

. In 2019, DPI imported ceramic tiles represented a new brand - Italy FLORIM (Frozen

The representative brand of the group, CERIM, is the most conspicuous in this booth.


Consumers are getting younger and younger, and the design requirements for the home environment are increasingly obvious. This exhibition

At the meeting, the “design” thinking upgrade was very obvious in terms of products, booths and space.


Rock slab customization with the wind to

Different home applications

The continuous upgrade of large-size tiles brings not only the change of specifications, but also the thinking.

change. From "bricks" to "boards", ceramics began to get rid of traditional forms, relying on technology and design

The rapid development of the meter is no longer just the decorative language of the wall, but will be a brand new

New materials are used in more space areas.

Especially in the rock board products, more and more brands have paid attention to the tiles in the home

The cutting and application of the scene, try to cooperate with furniture companies such as cabinets and wardrobes to launch ceramic surfaces.

The cabinets and wardrobes of the board, even the table tops and chairs made of ceramic plates, form a "more than one brick."

Use the new trend to open a new commercial blue ocean for the entire ceramic industry.

This year's Ceramic Expo, Dongpeng slabs launched a strong ceramic plate pan home, curtain wall, insulation decoration

The three major plates of the body board attracted a lot of attention.

Wood grain relief

Function to the competition

At present, the product size and thickness are complete, and the process is continuously superimposed and upgraded.

To meet the needs of different spaces and styles, it has become the most abundant table in space decoration.

Language, giving the product more possibilities.

"Food color, sex also." After reading this Taobao Fair, I have a deeper understanding of this sentence.

Although the black and white gray series still dominates the mainstream, this year's Ceramic Fair is no longer full of black and white.

Gray, ceramic enterprises are paying more and more attention to the matching and display of colors. Warm color products began to return, color

Colorful tiles are always easy to grab.

Today, the ceramic industry's glaze, color, craft and other aspects have entered the bottleneck of innovation, Tao

The focus of the porcelain industry has shifted from the decorative function of ceramic tiles. At this year's Ceramic Expo, functional porcelain

Brick has become a hot spot.

“Graphene” is the “net red” material in the ceramic industry today. Graphene slabs are not only realized

The ceramics are home-made, and they solve the painful points of winter meals. This product is going

When the year was launched, it caused a sensation in the industry. This year's Ceramic Fair also attracted many exhibitors.

Come and observe.

Baxter ceramics combined with Huang Xiaoming made the launch of "net aldehyde brick" more interesting, especially several models

The large plate is not only "colored", but also has the function of permanently decomposing formaldehyde.

Gao De launched the "Gao De·Energy Brick II Generation" during the Taobo Fair, following the Gaode Energy last year.

Since the bricks were first launched, the tiles have caused great repercussions in the terminal. It releases far infrared rays

Improve human microcirculation, promote metabolism, purify the air, etc.

The pursuit of the person.

With the advancement of the process, the composite texture formed by the superposition of multiple technologies, combined with the mashup, enhances

The product texture. At this year's Ceramic Expo, many brands launched porcelain wall tiles with concave and convex surfaces, which were empty.

The decor creates more choices.

Although the production and sales of wood grain bricks have declined in recent years, it is easy to care, wear and prevent due to wood grain bricks.

The advantages of insect moisture protection are better than that of wooden flooring, and there is still a certain market, especially the large gauge.

The realization of the grid product.

Famous high-end show

Activities are not stopped

There is now a concept that is relatively hot in the industry - the designer's joint name. This type of product

Basically, it is aimed at the high-end market. After the launch of new Zhongyuan, Yinuo and other ceramic tiles, it has achieved high-end.

Market recognition.

A few days before the opening of the Taobo Conference, the activities of major ceramic enterprises continued to be staged during the opening period.

Pick up. The audience of the exhibition not only saw the products on the spot, but also gained valuable through the activities.