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Slowdown in growth? Winter has arrived? Who will lead the ceramic industry to break through?
2019-04-20 586
In the past 2018, it was called a difficult year for the ceramic industry. Public data shows that

In 2018, there were 1,265 building ceramics enterprises above designated size, and 137 enterprises withdrew from historical dance.

station. Ceramic production capacity fell by nearly 20%, revenue fell by 28.09%, and total profit fell by 33.57%.

The current industry turning point has arrived, where is the real road to the ceramic industry in the future?

At the moment, consumption upgrades are gradually breaking the boundaries of the industry, so for tile companies

Where is the opportunity?

The terminal is always the fastest and most sensitive to change, the reporter recently went to the terminal store to explore


Intelligent terminal,

Change begins with the individual

The reporter secretly visited the Jianyi marble tile Shunde store, in addition to product upgrades in the store.

In addition to publicity, the shopping guide system on each mobile phone of the shopping guide personnel is also another Qiankun, for consumption.

The show shows the high-end image of the selection consultant.

One of the shopping guides told reporters that it has been difficult to leave customers for 10 minutes in the past.

At the end of 2017, the headquarters will configure the SMI store intelligent system for the terminal stores, so that customers can

Available. I used to talk to my customers. It doesn't exist now. "I can pass the SMI system.

Respond to customer problems within 5 seconds, from decoration style, to living habits, from

Cases, to show the credibility of the construction site, and then recommend him a matching plan, step by step

Guide customers to find the product they want. Visualize the entire process of communicating with customers.

See images and information on your phone or iPad to avoid understanding mistakes."

In-store shopping guides show reporters the average daily average length of stay on the system.

Household, now customers are communicating with us for more than half an hour, at least they are more convinced

Let us be the identity consultant. ”

In the traditional industry of ceramics, the way brick shopping guides work often relies on experience, and

Experience depends on the accumulation of years of practice. At the same time, the experience of shopping guides has

Reproducible. From the perspective of enterprise management, "people + system" can quickly improve the conventional guidance

The growth path of the purchase also directly affects the sales performance of the national stores, as well as the brand image and

Service level output. Have to say, through the SMI system to enhance the shopping guide ability to achieve the door

The growth of store performance is the foresight of Jane.

As of February 2019, SMI store intelligent system supported a total of 3,056 shopping guides, designers, solutions

The problem of breaking ice and converting transactions in the store, and collecting excellent cases through SMI

Set to meet the complex home improvement needs of market customers.

Building a corporate data moat

One-button drive is set to be a decade of success or failure

Data is the soil for the growth of all things and the moat for the development of current enterprises.

Regardless of the dealer or the manufacturer, there is an urgent need to know where the current consumers are and where they are going.

. Only data can make the company really take the steering wheel and get closer to the consumer.

The basis for reaching the next destination with your business partner.

So how do companies build their own informational moat?

The traditional way of collecting information, relying on the communication of people, paper and pen, can easily lead to data errors.

The accumulated error has been increasing. Jane is empowering the terminal through the SMI system.

In the customer's process, it is easy to record customer preferences, budgets, job indicators, etc.

According to the automatic summary, the next step of the service shopping guide, and regularly form a report summary to management

On the hands.

A store manager said that it is a habit to open the mobile phone SMI system now, and it can be targeted at every time.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly store operation data, customer entry data, and clerk

Summary of work, marketing, and timely adjustment of the current store, the development of the next

One step marketing plan.

The SMI system is a data moat for Jianyi and other enterprises, in addition to truly reflecting the operation of the terminal.

Camp state, and more importantly, the accumulation and analysis of these big data can create a right

Market and customer perception have become an important basis for corporate decision-making. Seeing the essence from the phenomenon,

Under the complicated and ever-changing market risks, assist enterprises to win unexpectedly.

The leader of innovation and change in the ceramics industry

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the ceramics enterprise's information transformation. It is understood that Marco Polo

Corporate brands such as Aesthetic L&D Ceramics and Cappuccino Tiles are applying SMI Store Intelligence

System, under the one-on-one service of Sken Interactive THINKING INTERACTIVE, expand

Construction of digital stores and data moats.

THINKING INTERACTIVE is a tailor-made SMI system for enterprises.

Long-type home new retail data system, in essence, open up the market, sales and after-sales flow

Cheng, a full-scale empowerment terminal, aims to achieve rapid growth for enterprises and distributors.

SKIN Interactive THINKING INTERACTIVE is an innovative design team. Team origin

From data analysis, visual communication, interactive experience, system construction and scene design

The domain is composed of excellent designers. Siken Interactive focuses on the digital marketing system of home and will create visual innovation

Intention, interactive experience, information flow data is perfectly injected into the scene to achieve the best customer and brand

Stream, helping brands create a more cohesive digital marketing ecosystem.