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Create a different - differentiated "exhibition + meeting" mode to fully upgrade
2019-04-20 1446
On the morning of April 18th, the 33rd Foshan (International) Ceramics and Bathroom Expo (below)

Referred to as “Foshan Tao Expo”, it was grandly opened at the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangdong.

The opening ceremony of the China Ceramic City Exhibition Hall and the China Ceramics Headquarters Exhibition Hall was held simultaneously. From ancient times

Pakistan, Brazil, Senegal, Singapore Consulate, Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Tanzania

Representative of the Chamber of Commerce of the Consulate of the Chamber of Commerce of the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European and American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representative of the investment community, and government

Representatives of the government, representatives of consulates, representatives of domestic and foreign ceramic entrepreneurs, designers, exhibitors

Business representatives, news media representatives, China National Light Industry Association, China Ceramic Industry Association

, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China Interior Decoration Association, Zibo, Fujian, Nanan

Nearly a thousand representatives from industry associations such as Jinjiang and Jiajiang visited the site to witness the 33rd Buddha.

Mountain Taobo will kick off!


Four new modules are upgraded, and “Exhibition + Conference” boosts new developments in the industry

The 33rd Foshan Ceramics Fair is based on the theme of “Creating Different”, aiming at trend products and precision channels.

Four new modules for roads, hot events and warm heart service will be upgraded at the same time.

Set up a creative display area, and strive to create a differentiated "exhibition + meeting" mode, fully boosting,

The growth and upgrading of the ceramic brand will enhance the overall experience of the exhibition. Its main difference

Reflected in four levels:


Trends are released and innovation is led. In the three major pavilions and more than 800 exhibiting companies, in addition to the most

In recent years, popular large plates, thin plates, porcelain bricks, new modern antiques, imitation stone, imitation wood

In addition to other products, there have been many functional tiles in this year, such as foam insulation board, far red

External heating bricks, soft tiles, special size bricks, etc. At the same time, we will hold a series

The release of new products and trend-sharing activities guide companies to grasp the direction of innovation.

The second aspect:

Precision marketing, channel fission. We are based on the Foshan Taobao 800,000+ database.

Advance point-to-point invitations, organize dealer purchasing groups, designer purchasing groups, real estate workers

Cheng Purchasing Group and International Purchasing Group, allowing exhibitors to be precise according to their own channel needs


The third aspect:

User thinking, special area building. Creating value for users is the greatest empowerment for exhibitors.

In order to meet the individualized purchasing needs of buyers, this year's Foshan Ceramics Fair will be held at China Ceramics City Exhibition.

The pavilion has a shower room area, and an engineering product hall has been set up at the China Ceramics Headquarters in Foshan.

The International Convention and Exhibition Center has set up a creative display area; at the same time, we will lift it on April 20th.

Set up a dining space design experience conference to customize the space application needs for the user's conscience.

The fourth aspect:

Intelligent service and warm heart. This year's Foshan Ceramics Expo focuses on “exhibition” and “view”.

The five sections of “food”, “residence” and “row” are optimized and upgraded to create data and body.

Accredited and intelligent "three-way" service.

The opening ceremony of the three major pavilions


The government led the exhibition to help the industry's growth

Zhang Xiang, Department of Circulation Development, Ministry of Commerce:

Foshan has a long history of manufacturing and is well-known at home and abroad as a pioneer in the modern Chinese ceramics industry.

Guided by the spirit of pioneering and innovation, with a better business philosophy and advanced technology, leading

Guojian Ceramics is moving towards internationalization, branding, intelligence and greening. Foshan Taobo will tie

Rooted in this fertile soil, after 17 years of growth, gradually stepped out of a "specialized, refined, new,

The special development road has become the characteristic of trade cooperation between Foshan and even China and the world.

The platform has become a window connecting the domestic and overseas markets and promoting cooperation and exchanges.

The industry responsibility of the Chinese ceramic industry to the world.

Zhang Bing, deputy secretary general of Foshan Municipal People's Government:

In 2019, Foshan City will continue to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and strive to cultivate in 2020.

Breeding and manufacturing equipment, pan-home 2 super-trillion advanced manufacturing industry clusters;

An important exhibition of Foshan and even China's ceramic sanitary ware industry, Foshan Taobo has a deep

With a strong exhibition foundation and successful exhibition experience, I hope that Foshan Taobo will continue to be professional.

Experience, international vision, global layout, enhance the international level of the exhibition, promote

Into the development of ceramics and sanitary ware industry, and promote the vigorous development of the ceramic industry and exhibition industry in our city.

Cao Hongbin, member of the Standing Committee of the Chancheng District Party Committee of Foshan City, and Deputy Chief of the District:

The Chancheng industry is accelerating its kinetic energy transformation and economic transformation, and it has gathered through regional branding across the country.

Demonstration area construction, "Internet +" and "Design +" model innovation, with ceramic industry as the generation

The traditional advantages of the watch industry brand reputation and competitiveness are further enhanced; Foshan Taobo is

A beautiful business card of Chancheng's industrial economy has been purchased and distributed by buyers all over the world.

The recognition of commercial and professional buyers is to understand the future trends of ceramics and find trade cooperation machines.

Will, the "Foshan Ceramics" brand to the world's best platform.


Guided by the association, the exhibition helps the industry to develop and upgrade

Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the China National Light Industry Association, Secretary-General of the China Ceramic Industry Association

Same as:

We must conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and keep up with the national development strategy.

The ceramic industry develops new kinetic energy, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry and green development, and strives

Building a resource-saving and environment-friendly ceramic industry; Foshan Taobo is the focus of the association

The industry exhibition platform supported and built is a company that develops the market and builds the brand.

A great stage to showcase your products.

Xu Xiwu, Deputy Secretary General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association:

As an industry association, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association grades product quality and builds

Brands play an active leading and demonstrating role in promoting the transformation, upgrading and innovation of the industry.

. Foshan Ceramics Expo, as an industry platform exhibition focused on the association, is the industry to the world.

Demonstrate an important and sophisticated window of “Chinese Ceramics” to help enterprises transform and develop new channels

Road, to help the industry green, healthy, orderly and benign development.

Tian Wanliang, Vice President of China Interior Decoration Association:

The rapid development of the packaging channel has attracted more and more excellent ceramic brands, but also more

Conducive to the industry to integrate resources, transformation and upgrading. Tiles as the most important part of the home space

Points have always been the focus of our association. We need to be like Foshan Taobao

The top platform is the leader, leading the industry to further development, we also hope that

More companies can use this platform to comprehensively improve their own level and creativity.


Leading the guidelines and grasping the new direction of the exhibition

Zhou Jun, Executive Director and President of Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd. introduced the session in detail

Highlights, theme activities and featured pavilions at the Foshan Ceramic Fair. Zhou Dong believes that Foshan

The thirty-third session of the Taobo Fair is more than 2,000 ceramic enterprises and 169 countries in China.

Home and region, nearly 800,000 professional visitors built a bridge and became a Chinese ceramic brand expansion

An important arena for global marketing channels, brand value, and the release of the latest products. Although Buddha

The main venue of the Shantao Expo is at China Ceramics City, China Ceramics Headquarters and Foshan International Conference.

The exhibition center, but the Foshan Taobo will drive the entire industry. Many ceramic companies in Foshan

During the Ceramic Expo, a new product launch conference and dealer conference will be held. The extension of the Foshan Ceramics Expo will be expanded.

It is a market of nearly 2 million square meters.

In today's era of profound change, only innovation can have the opportunity to live. Buddha

The Mountain Ceramics Expo must be the first in the innovation, establish the industry vane, and create the industry service.

Service platform, empowering the enterprise to change and promote the healthy development of the industry!

Yu Min, executive vice president and general manager of the commercial operation center of Foshan China Ceramics City Group

All the way, the development of the Taobo Fair has never been smooth, but we always

Strengthening the initial heart - to create a global stage for China's outstanding ceramic enterprises,

Let the world ceramics look at China. She also said that in the past 17 years, the buyers of the Taobo Fair have been positioned from

The earliest international trade-oriented, nowadays, it is facing overseas and the Chinese market.

China's outstanding brands expand global marketing channels, show brand value, and release the latest products

An important stage; enterprises in more than a dozen important producing areas of the country grow with the growth of Taobo

From the unknown to the household name; more than 2,500 outstanding collections from all over the world

Division, China's outstanding international trading company is stationed in Foshan; China's ceramic industry also follows

The annual exhibition of the Ceramic Fair is calling for a new look; Foshan's city, tourism, hotels, restaurants

Also because Taobo will be more brilliant.

The general manager of China Ceramics City, Plateau, said that Foshan Taobo will continue to export more new products in the future.

Ideas, new models, according to different pavilion positioning, product categories, company scale, etc.

The Foshan Ceramics Fair, which combines the theme and the pavilion, provides exhibitors and buyers with more

Accurate customization and matching services, hand in hand with ceramics brands in China and around the world

Endeavor, help domestic corporate brands to go international, and develop the ceramic industry in China

Add bricks and tiles!


Seventeen years of spring farming, the thirty-three dreams

Drive development with innovation and lead the future with trends

2019 is a key year to achieve the industry's "13th Five-Year" development goals, 19th

God has pointed out the direction for the development of the ceramics industry, and requires vigorously promoting the adjustment of the industrial structure and

Optimize the layout; improve the industry's sense of innovation, ability and level; vigorously improve sustainable development

Research and development of clean energy. After many years of continuous exploration, Foshan Taobo will promote

There is a role that cannot be ignored in the development of the industry. We hope to make more of this through this platform.

Brands are here to communicate and help the industry to move forward!