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2019 ceramic industry development direction
2019-04-20 1280
At the beginning of the year, the annual meeting of major enterprises in the ceramic industry was held one after another, summing up the results and planning the future. Over

Going to 2018, for the ceramic industry, it seems to be two days of ice and fire. Some well-known companies

The annual growth rate has reached double digits, and new factories have been built to expand production capacity. At the same time, in the past

Under the pressure of environmental protection, many ceramic factories have been shut down. Ceramic industry in consumption upgrades and competition

Struggling to intensify coexistence, environmental protection and price increases, the process of shuffling has been significantly accelerated


The pointer for 2019 has slowly moved. How will the ceramic industry develop in the new year?

People say that those who listen to the wind can distinguish their tracks in the wind, listen to their true laws, and follow the wind. Follow the trend

Those who are used to borrowing their voices in the excitement, mimic their appearance and move with the wind. Whether it is listening to the wind,

Still followers, they are all discriminating.

In 2019, ceramic companies will face even greater challenges, whether it is expansion and merger, expansion version

Figure, or upgrade, seek development, or painful baptism, difficult to move forward, in the line

Under the general trend of shuffling, it is especially important for companies to distinguish the wind. Tao Weiwang reporter near

Interviewed some people in the industry and compiled some 2018 public guests

The annual trend view is shared here.

Yin Hong, deputy secretary general of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association: China's ceramic tile production is negatively increased in 2019


The overall economic situation in 2019 should be quite good, but Chinese ceramic tile production must be negative.

increase. The society is undergoing transformation, from high-speed growth to high-quality development, branding

For the direction of industry and social development.

Trends in ceramic tile products in 2019: 1. Ceramic slabs and large-size tiles. 2, modern antique brick

Black and white ash is the mainstream color, and the post-industrial flavor. 3. Terrazzo bricks. 4, embossed bricks (or

Known as mold bricks, three-dimensional bricks, large-scale popular, the performance is very delicate and meticulous. 5, tiles

The display and application are greatly increased, and the expression techniques are more diverse. 6, tile product features


He Xinming, Chairman of Dongpeng Holding: Jiantao Industry will enter a new era

The future development trend of the ceramics industry can be summarized into five key words: green environmental protection, brand collection

Medium, intelligent manufacturing, consumption upgrades, channel fission. In the face of these five major trends, I think it should

There are five correct methods: repairing the dead, practicing internal strength, unique advantages, persisting in innovation, and embracing

Group development.

Overall, the ceramic industry that has experienced “savage growth” for 30 years will gradually enter one.

A new era, environmental protection, the Internet, new retail, smart manufacturing and other "new things"

Is coming to us, is an opportunity or a challenge, the key is whether we are doing well.


He Gan, Chairman and General Manager of Jinyitao Group: The modern antique market will enter fast in 2019

Growth period

In 2019, green development will become a trend. The capital market will be the driving force of the industry. Large number

According to the application will be deepened in the industry. The new retail and smart store logic will be basically clear. spray

Glaze technology and crafts will set off a new wave. Industrialization of indoor assembly will become an industry research

direction. The existing self-contained and large-package channels may bring certain risks to the industry. sheet

And foamed tiles will form a market heat.

Modern antique products are not yet the highest peak, because 2018 is a turning point, 2018 to

It is cultivated in 2019 and will enter a period of rapid growth in a market in 2019.

Zhang Yunshu, Chairman of Zhang's Enterprise: Postmodern style will continue to be popular

Modern antique bricks, or post-industrial styles, the overall tone is gray, and then melted

With a combination of black and white ash and unsaturated colors, this style will continue to be popular.

But with the development of the trend and the upgrading of the process, this post-modern style will become more and more diversified.

For example, you can incorporate some gray wood grain, tile and other elements to present a light luxury style.

. Just like our latest series, we use the patented process of electro-optic glaze + glitter powder to make

The product is gently presented with a sense of luxury. I believe that there will be more innovative elements to join in the future.

To make the post-modern wind enter a new level.

Wang Guisu, general manager of Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Marketing: Industry brand concentration will be higher, optimistic about all

Category brand

The brand concentration of the ceramic industry will be higher in 2019, the future is big brands, low prices,

Full style. I am optimistic about the brand of the whole category in the future. The brand of comprehensive category will have more advantages.

. Because the terminal channels are highly differentiated: hardcover, assembly, engineering, design, retail, etc.

A single channel can be tough. Only the channels have a share, the brand will only be issued in the future.

The space for the exhibition.

In the future, SMEs will become more and more difficult to survive because the threshold is getting higher and higher. Whether it is a production ring

The environmental protection, cost pressure, or multi-channel of the terminal will not be easy to deal with, pressure

Will grow bigger and bigger.

Nan Shunzhi, Chairman of Jin Zunyu Marble Tiles: 2019 is the trend year for large-plate marble tiles

Modern slabs and marble tiles are the current trend. From the history of ceramic tiles, both

It is gradually growing from small size, and 2019 is the trend year of large-plate marble tiles. marble

The tiles are taken from the natural marble blueprint, and many high-end places will choose marble tiles.

Years is a timeless classic, and marble tiles are not limited to style, there will be more in the future.

More possibilities.

The ceramic industry must be a brand, and the future is the world of the category.

Don't blindly follow the trend, and the trend of things comes quickly. Make your own benchmark

Products will not be eliminated by the market. Brand positioning must be clear, brand positioning = crowd

Positioning, what kind of crowd is suitable for your own brand must be clear.

Chen Fanggen, General Manager of Eagle Marketing: The ceramic industry can be seen from three dimensions in 2019

First, the brand: 1, brand focus. 2, personalized brand. Personalized brand from niche city

Find your own position, find your own core features, and make a representative category to win

They will also have their own living space.

Second, the channel: 1, engineering channels. Many first- and second-tier cities require real estate hardcover

To 70-80%, real estate developers naturally focus on the brand when choosing a cooperative customer.

Most of the brand growth in 2018 was in engineering channels, and retail channels fell by 30%. 2,

Designer channel. Personalized brand will also have room for survival, because the second room decoration, high-end

There are certain demand for villas, theme restaurant chains, supermarket chains, etc., but these are large

More in the hands of designers. So the future engineering channel and designer channel will be the most important.

of. 3. The installation channel is still a transitional channel, not very mature. 4, e-commerce channel also

Can not be used as the main channel, can only assist brand promotion, drainage and offline want to understand the brand


Third, the product: large board, modern style will prevail, homogenization will become more and more obvious. Future take

The winning point is that the products, teams, channels, services, and brand promotion are systematically launched.

The future is full of flowers, and as people’s needs become more diverse, the category of products will

Subdivision, the style of presentation will be more and more.

Shen Litao, general manager of the company's modern business unit: modern style will become the standard of the enterprise

The future of modern style will become the standard of the enterprise, because the modern style includes luxury, industry

Wind, Nordic, and new Chinese are used in a wide range.

Product: Marble and wood grain bricks are timeless classics, and large boards are a trend. Wall

The attention of bricks will be higher and higher, and the three-dimensional wall can be made into different processes.

Wall tiles will become more and more abundant. Wood bricks will continue to heat up, from conventional specifications to

200 × 1800 or even larger. Channels: channels will be diverted, assembly, home improvement, engineering

, the e-commerce channel online and offline drainage mode. Terminal: Standardize terminal and build fast

Flash shop to cater to the trend.

In the future, the whole assembly + quick installation must be the trend to realize the real opening of the bag. Major competition in the future

Competition is professionalism and detail. Today's ceramic enterprises have both opportunities and challenges, and the future will test

Not only hardware but also software. Hardware is product + design, software is system + team.

Zhu Junguang, general manager of Jinyatao brand: 2019 will be an era of transformation

The 2019 ceramic industry will be an era of transformation. Whether it is product change, or channel

Build, and all aspects have proved to be the process of brand renewal, 2019 for ceramic enterprises

The industry is a challenging year, so we are well prepared in advance.

Yan Yongchang, general manager of Putin Ceramics: Industry polarization is more obvious, Jiangxi will become a price war

Hardest hit

In 2019, the terminal will continue to shuffle. The traditional wholesaler market is further compressed, even the ministry

Subsequent elimination. The product will develop to the process of differentiation, with modern antique bricks as a typical example.

The glazed tile is already the profit status of Xishan at sunset, and the difference is to find new profit points.

Export. In terms of brand trends, several giants have sunk further and embezzled by the pressure of Mount Tai

Market share, polarization is more obvious.

Jiangxi will become the country's first and second regional OEM industry center. Because the price is cheap

It will become a cooperative production base for many sinking brands or middle and low-end positioning brands. garden

Most of the enterprises in the district are in the production equipment, manpower, and materials.

The middle and low-end positioning is difficult to change in three or two years, so it will soon become the price war

disaster area.

Wu Hansheng, Chairman of Foshan Yuantai Ceramics Chemical Co., Ltd.: Antique Glaze, Satin Glaze, Function

Type glaze products will explode more

In 2019, the leading products of glazed tiles should still be dominated by bright products, but because of

The competition for optical products is becoming increasingly fierce, and profits are becoming thinner. Some innovative leading manufacturers will

Slowly give up the high-gloss products and turn to antique glaze and satin glaze with more profit margins.

And the market for some functional glaze products.

In 2019, all the new antique products will show an expansion trend. Full glaze market

There will be some shrinkage. In 2019, some manufacturers who make large-scale antique bricks will use the products.

The adjustment of product specifications, to the market of encroaching ceramic tiles. Under such a trend, 2019

High-gloss products will give up some of the market to antique systems, including satin glazes and some

Functional glaze, carved glaze, etc., will be a larger outbreak.

A supplier in Sichuan: Jiajiang Jiantao maintains low growth and competition is more intense

In 2019, the southwestern region will continue to maintain a low level of growth, high-end products.

There will be a higher growth, while mid- to low-end products are likely to remain at 2018 or slightly


In 2019, the competition for ceramic products in the southwest region became more intense. Especially in the middle and low range

On the top, product profits will fall further, with stronger and weaker weaker.

Some small-scale, poorly-equipped companies will be eliminated, and some are poorly managed and burdensome.

Enterprises will be reorganized, and the market share of Sichuan Jiajiang Jiantao will be due to the surrounding ceramic enterprises.

The development has dropped significantly.