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The home industry has quietly changed, and a new round of shuffling begins.
2019-04-20 1197
In the first half of 2019, although there were no major events that shocked the industry, the industry pattern is quietly changing.

In the first half of the year, the differentiation of home circulation enterprises began to be obvious, and some actions were frequent. Whether it was scale expansion or model innovation, it has been moving frequently; and most enterprises are still unknown. The pattern change is not a one-off move. In the future, we may see the old leader fall and the new giant rise. According to the "2018 China Furniture Industry Market Prospect Research Report", the total retail sales of furniture in the country reached 280.9 billion yuan in 2018. According to the China Industrial Research Institute, the national furniture consumption will continue to maintain a steady upward trend in 2019, which is expected to be 2019. The annual retail sales of furniture in the country will exceed 300 billion yuan.

If the change in the home store is slow and gradual, the “running” scandal that frequently appears in the decoration industry is sighing. Most of the brands that have disappeared after collecting money are not short-lived. The Internet can also search for the news and the heads of the heads that they said when they opened the business. The market scale of several trillions of households has always attracted new decoration companies, and it has also made the old-fashioned home improvement companies want to be bigger and stronger to ensure they have more market share. However, today's increasingly competitive home improvement market is no longer the low-lying industry. Today's home improvement process involves many aspects such as customer acquisition, material procurement, construction, management, and after-sales. Drainage and acquisition are becoming more and more popular. difficult. With the gradual symmetry of information, home improvement companies need to effectively integrate cost control, design capabilities, construction management, after-sales service, etc., and each ring needs to be more precise.

The listed home manufacturing enterprises have a unique scenery here. With capital leverage, many companies have opened the way for overseas acquisitions. Some people always tell consumers that they only buy the right ones and don’t buy the expensive ones. In fact, the reason for spending money is the same. Whether it is expensive or not, you must buy the right one. Spending money to “request” foreign well-known brands into the country, and then “please” consumers to pay, it seems simple, but also requires the company's courage and accurate judgment. However, it can be affirmed that the domestic home furnishing enterprise has opened up the growth mode, and the era of stronger and stronger has come.

Home store

Dual changes in scale and model

The number of stores is an important dimension to measure the scale of a home circulation brand. In the first half of the year, while the pace of home shopping in homes such as the home is steadily moving forward, new retail and multi-formats are continuing, and the traditional home property business model has been changed a little. In addition to the introduction of new formats, this year, the home store finally "moving the knife" in the main business home business, the opening of the new retail business, trying to improve the efficiency of home marketing management, so that home consumption becomes lighter.

This year, Wang Wei, president of Red Star Macalline Home Group and general manager of Beijing-Tianjin Southwest Region, revealed that Red Star Macalline will open a new store in South Fourth Ring this year. It will be with Red Star Macalline in Beijing’s Dongsihuan Shopping Center. The West Fourth Ring Shopping Mall, the North Fourth Ring Shopping Mall, the North Fifth Ring Shopping Mall and the East Fifth Ring Shopping Mall form a surrounding trend, and all of them cover the capital of Beijing's home consumption in the geographical position.

In recent years, home shopping malls have been doing "addition", from the main business home sector to other businesses, but the money does not mean that there are achievements, the high-income sector represents the constant main business, constantly expanding their own At the time of business boundary, home circulation enterprises should not expand and deviate. Adhere to the main business, in order to adhere to the foothold in the industry.

Overseas acquisition

Aiming at overseas "toon"

Whether it is building materials such as cabinets, furniture such as mattresses and sofas, consumers are more willing to spend more money to buy more quality products. Affected by consumption upgrades, imported household products have become the choice of many consumers. Domestic listed home enterprises are waiting for opportunities, and they have begun the exploration of the globalization pattern.

In the first half of 2019, companies such as Meike Home, Qumei Home, and Nature Home were frequently active. In the past, there were successful cases of international exploration of Gujiajiao. More enterprises have not satisfied the expansion through the acquisition of domestic enterprises, and the acquisition of capitalized markets to join hands with the world-class home furnishing brands will become a shortcut for domestic household brands to break through.

Home improvement company

Management is not in place, causing "crisis"

In the home industry, every year, home improvement companies have poor management or “running the road” phenomenon, but this year seems to be particularly numerous. In addition to some small home improvement companies, some chain decoration companies have been unsatisfactory in the first half of this year. Delaying the construction period and so on, even the "running" incident occurred.

When some home improvement companies have problems in delivery due to poor management, the most direct victims are consumers. Most of the more well-known home improvement companies are more sincere and will send relevant personnel to understand the situation and respond in a timely manner. Solve the remaining problems. Some smaller home improvement companies may have a complete contact with the person in charge, causing headaches for consumers. As an industry with a long service cycle and a wide range of links, in addition to prompting consumers to rationally and carefully select home improvement companies, to avoid the risks that may be encountered in the decoration, it is more important that the home improvement company should understand the quality construction. Scientific management, caring service, and delivery to do business.

With the acceleration of resource integration, most of the current home improvement companies show that the product homogeneity is serious, the material difference is not obvious, the package difference is not big, and the home improvement industry has strong replication ability. It is difficult to see that a home improvement company has its own uniqueness. Home improvement products.

Some home improvement companies have begun to create a larger franchisee team in a short period of time as the most direct way to expand their business. This short, flat and fast style of play will face challenges in management difficulty and operational difficulty. Some home improvement companies will devolve management rights, personnel rights, and financial rights. The headquarters will spend money, spend money, and have no authority or intervention. In addition, the lack of management capabilities of some franchisees may lead to insufficient project delivery capacity and problems in the capital chain. Once problems arise, consumers, suppliers, and home improvement companies will also be affected. Conducted throughout the company, and eventually the brand is affected. According to industry insiders, when choosing a franchisee, the home improvement company should examine the strength of the franchisee and strengthen management, and should not blindly expand.