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The main market for furniture may change? Don't let the channel sink into empty talk
2019-04-20 588
Recently, several major events have occurred: First, the property market is gradually picking up, and the volume of second-hand housing and commercial housing is

There is a big increase from the previous battle. Second, the household registration restrictions are relaxed. Third, all localities have gradually liberalized the property market.

Sale order.

Naturally, it’s not necessary to say that as the upstream of the furniture industry, the property market is picking up, for furniture practitioners.

It is better than that.

The relaxation of urban household registration is a bit complicated. On the one hand, the looting war between cities will make

Large areas of adult mouth;

On the other hand, the flow and concentration of this population also provides furniture companies with a future market.

Reference direction.

Whether the release of the restriction order will help stabilize the growth trend of housing prices and meet the needs of buying a house.

It is also very important for furniture companies.

Regardless of whether it is urban development or housing transaction volume, the second and third tier cities are empty.

There is greater potential than first-tier cities, and these cities are also known as “new first-tier cities”.

At the same time, the first-tier cities are becoming more saturated, and the “new first-tier cities” are even more

The demand for the next level of the city is growing, and the future furniture market will be second and third.

The next city is the main target.

In the real estate market in 2018, the best-selling home is three-bedroom, followed by two-bedroom, four-bedroom

Jiaojiao also maintained a certain increase, with second- and third-tier cities having the largest year-on-year growth.

And an interesting phenomenon is: different from the high demand of the second-tier cities in the first-tier cities, two or three

The demand for second-bedroom housing in the city and below is decreasing, but the demand for three-bedroom and four-bedroom is

Increase the trend. This aspect reflects the higher per capita disposable income in second- and third-tier cities.

In the line city, the pursuit of housing is generally higher than that of first-tier cities. Similarly, for homes

The demand will also be higher than the first-tier cities.

This has attracted the attention of many furniture companies.

Some time ago, Sophia had indicated that the scope of opening stores in 2019 would be extended to 4, 5 and even

In the following cities, this is also because in the economic downturn, many second and third lines

The city still maintains a strong momentum of development, and more and more big companies are paying attention to the channel.

The importance of sinking.

There are also stores that also choose sinking channels. Red Star Macalline and Real Estate's Thousand Stores Plan

The channel sinking is included in the focus of future development.

At the same time, a few days ago, the NDRC had a message about comprehensive liberalization and relaxation of restrictions on settlements.

For the development of many large and small cities, the development potential of the second and lower cities in the future

The strength is expected to increase substantially, and the demand for furniture will also increase.

The relaxation of urban household registration helps to bring together dispersed migrants, which is for home

For enterprises, it is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Another interesting news is that the ten-city property market limit order expires, these ten

The cities are: Xiamen, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Xushui, Changle, Changzhou, Dongguan

In Yangzhou and Changde, these ten cities cover cities from the first line to the fifth line.

In the future, dozens of cities will continue to release restrictions on sales. Accompanied by the property market this year

Gradually picking up, is the contact of the restricted sale order expected to stabilize the pressure of rising house prices and meet the needs?

The demand of buyers is expected to have a positive effect on the future demand for the property market.

Regardless of whether it is from urban development or purchasing power, second-tier cities and below are relative to

First-tier cities have more or less advantages, and the rest is whether companies can grasp the channels.

Living in the market, consumers will choose custom furniture or finished furniture.

Therefore, “the channel sinks”, this old-fashioned topic once again returns to our view.

In the wild.

If it was a few years ago, this slogan can also be a whisper. And now with the market environment

Steps are grim, furniture companies have long been the ants on the hot pot, looking for the market channel to break through is the off

The key, the sinking of the channel should no longer be empty.